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Campus bibliotek illustrasjon

The University Library

Fløytestudenter på Universitetets julekonsert 2019. Foto: Olav Bjånes.

Faculty of Performing Arts

Logo - Lesesenteret

Norwegian Reading Centre

Bildet viser fylte bokhyller innover et stort rom

Kunnskapssenter for utdanning

New at UiS : Welcome to Stavanger

From the language, where to live, what to see and what to do, to your family's wellbeing.....

Kvinne bruker VR-briller. Foto: Mari Løvås

Welcome to new employees!

The University of Stavanger aim to make your move to Norway as smooth as possible.

Flytfoto Campus Ullandhaug mot Hafrsfjord

About the University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger has an innovative and international profile and constitutes a driving fo

Samhandling mellom helsepersonell

Network for Medicine and Health

Network for Medicine and Health is an interprofessional network for research, development and educat

Sykepleiestudenter i lab

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences educates competent healthcare professionals for health services in a

Modell av strategien til UiS fram mot 2030

Strategy 2030 for the University of Stavanger

We will be an open and innovative university that demonstrates a high quality of education, research

ECIU logo blå bakgrunn

ECIU University: challenge-based learning and innovation

UiS is part of ECIU University, the first European university where learners and researchers coopera

campus ullandhaug

Uniped – higher education pedagogies

UiS strives for excellence in learning environment and teaching quality.

Styret ved UiS. Foto: Mari Hult

The Board of the University of Stavanger

The University Board is elected for the period of 2019 to 2023.

IT ikon

About UiS-IT

The UiS-IT department consists of 45 employees who provide IT services for 1600 employees and 12000

uteområde på campus Ullandhaug. Foto: Mari Hult

Campus guide

Here you'll find information for visitors to UiS.

Handelshøgskolen ved UiS

UiS Business School

The UiS Business School has highly competent researchers and staff who offer some of the most sought

studenter i solnedgang

Erasmus+ programme

The UiS is holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and participates in all dimensions of

contact us. Photo: Miles Burke

International Office staff

The international office’s main function is to provide strategic and operational support and advice

Flyfoto av UiS og Stavanger. Foto: Morten Berentsen

International relations

The University of Stavanger welcomes a growing number of international students and staff to our reg

Illustrasjonsfoto av politibil med blålys på taket

In case of emergency

What do you do when an emergency occurs?

Notatblokk, penn og kaffekopp

Press and public affairs

Do you want to find a researcher to interview? Or maybe you have other inquiries?

Illustrasjon nettbasert undervisning

NETTOP - The department for development of digital learning resources at UiS

NETTOP-UIS has a practical approach to the development of digital teaching and the implementation of

Hotellhøgskolen, Ellen og Axel Lunds hus, campus Ullandhaug

The Norwegian School of Hotel Management

The Norwegian School of Hotel Management has been educating hotel managers and other leaders in the

Kjell Arholms hus sett fra stien ved Arne Rettedals hus.

Department of Social Studies

The Department of Social Studies trains social workers and child care welfare officers.