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Workshop: Moderate right-wing populism to right-wing extremism as a gendered phenomenon

The Research Group on Populism, Anti-gender and Democracy at the University of Stavanger and the...



The 7th IOR NORWAY is arranged 26-28 April 2021. The digital event will be co-organized with the...


Smart City Research Symposium

Organized by the Research Network for Smart Sustainable Cities at the University of Stavanger...

IOR NORWAY 2019. Foto: Marius Vervik

Energy Norway 2022

Save the date for our conference on subsurface utilization for energy transition, 25-26 April 2022.

Workshop on "Varieties of Immersive Experience" - POSTPONED

The three-day workshop on "Varieties of Immersive Experience" was due to be held at the Norwegian...

hAIst Conference – Health-related Artificial Intelligence in Stavanger

hAIst con is a conference arranged by members of «Kunstig intelligens i norsk helsetjeneste»...


COTech & OGTech 2021 Conference

The International Conference on Computational Methods & Ocean Technology (COTech) and Oil and Gas...

International Symposium for Early Career Research in Quality and Safety in Healthcare

The symposium is held 23-24 November 2021. The digital event is organized by SHARE - Centre for...

Foto av bybrua i Stavanger om natten

International Symposium on Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Cables (ISDAC)

University of Stavanger (UiS) is hosting the second International Symposium on Dynamics and...

UiS will host the ECIR conference 2022

The ECIR conference is the premium European forum for presentation of new research results in the...

Events and seminars at UiS Business School

UiS Business School is an arena for dialogue and collaboration between academia, business, industry...

Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag, campus Bjergsted

Ear Training Pedagogic Conference

Thu. 23.02 10:00

Fri. 24.02 16:00

Faculty for Performing Arts at the University of Stavanger
Bjergsted 1, Stavanger
IOR NORWAY 2017. Foto: Kjersti Riiber

Energy Norway 2023

Mon. 13.03 09:00

Wed. 15.03 16:00

University of Stavanger
Byggingeniør lab

Olympiad in Engineering Science – OES 2023

Tue. 23.05 10:00

Sat. 27.05 16:00

Aldemar Olympian Village, Greece
Vannspeil utenfor Arne Rettedals hus

NIKT 2023

Mon. 27.11 09:00

Thu. 30.11 16:00

University of Stavanger