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The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental...

Special Core Analysis – Modeling, Experimental Design and Upscaling

Prediction of subsurface multiphase or single-phase flow processes is challenging, but important for...

Studenter presenterer på en scene.

Energy Norway 2023 summed up

This year's conference theme: Subsurface for energy security and sustainability.

Portrett av Panagiotis Aslanidis

Understanding the initial wettability of reservoirs

Panagiotis Aslanidis defended his thesis on wettability for core analysis. The purpose of his...


Twinning to Sustainable Energy Transition (Twinn2SET)

The European Union is facing a pressing challenge to transition into a carbon neutral economy by...

Micheal Oguntola

Defended his thesis on reservoir optimization

Micheal B. Oguntola has studied optimization and modelling of enhanced oil recovery injection...

Defining Future Subsurface Education Needs in Collaboration with the Energy Industry

This project (SUBSET) aims to increase the relevance of subsurface course content to actual needs in...

Illustrasjon av reservoar

Subsurface Utilization for Renewable Energy

The Subsurface Utilisation and Renewable Energy group addresses the latest issues related to the...


Won their group in Drillbotics

Five UiS students made it all the way to the top in their group in the Drillbotics contest.

UiS team in the PetroBowl finals

Five petroleum engineering students from University of Stavanger reached the finals in the...



The 7th IOR NORWAY is arranged 26-28 April 2021. The digital event will be co-organized with the...

Vinnere av Skjævelandsprisen 2017: Oddbjørn Nødland, Mona Minde og Han Byal Kim. Foto: Kjersti Riiber


Click on the links below for abstracts or PDFs of the presentations from IOR NORWAY 2017.

Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde. Foto: Marius Vervik

IOR NORWAY 2018 summed up

270 participants caught up on the newest in IOR research at this year's big IOR event at University...

IOR NORWAY 2019. Foto: Marius Vervik

IOR NORWAY 2019 summed up

The sixth annual conference hosted by The National IOR Centre of Norway is history. Hopefully the...

Programmeringskode abstrakt teknologi bakgrunn av programvareutvikler og Computer script. Foto: Shutterstock

Software Donations

Research and education today cannot be conducted without using state of the art software products...

Structural Geology

Structural geology

Structural geology is the study of tectonic deformation. We focus on the deformation of the upper...

Smart vann, polymer. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Smart Water

Smart Water for enhanced oil recovery is a research field at University of Stavanger.

Geologi-bilder, seismisk bilde, grafikk

Regional basin studies

Basin scale studies focus on improving the understanding of paleogeographic evolution, tectonic and...

Provenance Studies

Provenance studies

Provenance research tracks the transport routes of sediment. Such research is done for various...

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging (lidar) research focus on the planning and collection of lidar data as...



Geophysics uses measurements of physical quantities to make inferences about the geological...

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems

Geographic information science (GIS) research focuses on the analysis of spatial relationships...

data analytics, AI, maskinlæring. Foto: Shutterstock

Decision and data analytics

Value can only be created through our decisions. Uncertainty is inseparable from all significant...



Geosciences is an important expertise area within the energy sector, environment, construction among...