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Members of The Greenhouse meet in the Greenhouse library

Greenhouse Green Transitions Fellows

The Greenhouse environmental humanities group at the University of Stavanger is organizing a year-lo

Nuclear Nordics

Radioactive Waste Spatialities, Materialities and Societies in the Nordic Region, 1960s to 1990s

The beavers that moved to Sweden

A digital exhibition chronicles the reintroduction of beavers in Scandinavia 100 years ago.

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Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship

The Greenhouse

An environmental humanities initiative at the University of Stavanger

Bilde av en fisk

Jennifer Telesca: Fishing for the Anthropocene

Tue. 24.05.2022


Hulda Garborgs hus
HG N-107
Painting of a human image focused on the torso against a fiery background

Gabrielle Hecht - Residual Governance: How South Africa Foretells Planetary Futures

Mon. 13.06.2022


Hulda Garborgs hus