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Hånd med blyant, papirer og datamaskin

The Collaboration Portal – register and find assignment topics

Do you have suggestions for bachelors or master's theses?

Jens Torolf Larsen og dansestudent ved Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag. Illustrasjonsfoto for emnet Artistic research. Foto: Marie von Krogh

Employees at the Faculty of Performing Arts

Meet the staff of the Faculty of Performing Arts.

studenter rundt et bord. Foto: Shutterstock

Vacant positions for students and graduates

In our job portal, you will find relevant jobs for students and newly qualified graduates.

Utveksling_Fjell TUM

Become a Student Exchange Ambassador

As an exchange student from the Faculty of Science and Technology (TN) and the Faculty of Social Sci

Studenter i gruppearbeid

Become a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Master programme in Prehospital Critical care is looking for motivated students who want to comb

Become a teaching assistant at UiS Business School!

We are looking for talented and motivated students who want to combine their studies with a job duri