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Jens Torolf Larsen og dansestudent ved Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag. Illustrasjonsfoto for emnet Artistic research. Foto: Marie von Krogh

Employees at the Faculty of Performing Arts

Meet the staff of the Faculty of Performing Arts. Find bio, subject, and contact information of our...

studenter rundt et bord. Foto: Shutterstock

Vacant positions for students and graduates

In our job portal, you will find relevant jobs for students and newly qualified graduates.

Utveksling_Fjell TUM

Become a Student Exchange Ambassador

As an exchange student from the Faculty of Science and Technology (TN) and the Faculty of Social...

Studenter i gruppearbeid

Become a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Master programme in Prehospital Critical care is looking for motivated students who want to...

Hånd med blyant, papirer og datamaskin

The Collaboration Portal – register and find assignment topics

Do you have suggestions for bachelors or master's theses? In the Collaboration Portal, you can...

Become a teaching assistant at UiS Business School!

We are looking for talented and motivated students who want to combine their studies with a job...