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Greenhouse biblioteket med planter i forgrunnen

The Greenhouse

Undergrunnskart over Norge og Nordsjøen

NCS2030 – National Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Utilization of the Norwegian Shelf

Collaborative learning

SHARE – Centre for Resilience in Healthcare

The UiS based research centre SHARE was established in 2017. Together with the national partner at...

PhD Education at the University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger has five PhD programmes that cover a wide range of disciplines.

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Knowledge Centre for Education

to barnehagebarn sitter ved et bord og ser mot det samme punktet og ler godt

FILIORUM – Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education and Care

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CARN - Collaborative Action Research Network

ECIU Smart-ER logo på hvit bakgrunn

Smart-ER virtual research institute

The ECIU University Research Institute for smart European regions (Smart-ER) will design, develop...


Ocean Technology Innovation Cluster Stavanger (OTICS)

The goal for OTICS is to achieve high-quality research through international and national...

Leger i møterom

PhD Programme in Health and Medicine

The PhD programme in Health and Medicine is a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences...

PhD courses

PhD courses in Social Sciences offered at the University of Stavanger

PhD candidates in the Social Sciences and neighbouring fields are invited to participate.

Kjersti Engan, medisinsk teknolog

Stavanger AI Lab – research

Research activities vary from fundamental to applied research, with machine learning, deep learning...

Ph.d. i samfunnsvitenskap

PhD Programme in Social Sciences

The PhD programme in Social Sciences at the University of Stavanger is divided into five research...


Stavanger AI Lab

A node for research, innovation and education in artificial intelligence at University of Stavanger...

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Artistic Research at The University of Stavanger

The connection between traditional research and Artistic Research keeps growing stronger and...

Studenter i gruppearbeid

Participation in school, working life and treatment

The research group PARTAKE focuses on community participation as a goal and means to achieve health...


Professional relations in health and welfare

The aim of our interdisciplinary research is to develop new knowledge of relational work in health...

mennesker som holder henner

Life phenomena and caring

Knowledge of patients' life experiences strengthens patient care. By exploring the patient's own...

Sykepleiestudenter i lab

E-learning and simulation in healthcare

We develop knowledge that examines the effect of digital learning resources and simulation on...

To forskere i et laboratorium.

The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental...

Lege, pasient og pårørende på sykehus

Network for Carer Research

The network brings together researchers, clinical practitioners, and representatives of other...


Health promotion for people with health challenges

Health-promoting perspectives are becoming increasingly important for people living with various...

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Resources – PAN-FIGHT

Are you a risk communication practitioner? Below are a collection of PAN-FIGHT outputs that may be...


SuFu - Integrating sustainability thinking in teacher education

The Sustainable Futures in Education (SuFu) strategic research initiative is an interdisciplinary...