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Resources – PAN-FIGHT

Are you a risk communication practitioner? Below are a collection of PAN-FIGHT outputs that may be...

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Publications – PAN-FIGHT

The PAN-FIGHT researchers publish a number of research articles and reports. Here is an overview of...

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Work packages – PAN-FIGHT

The project consists of five separate, but interconnected work packages (WPs).

Library resources: Science and Technology

Do you need help finding literature for your assignment or thesis? Or help getting started with...


Interdisciplinary centre for Hydrogen Safety and Governance (HySAGO)

The vision for HySAGO is to establish a globally recognised centre for groundbreaking...


Centre for Risk Informed Science and Policy (CRISP)

The proposed Centre for Risk Informed Science and Policy (CRISP) is assembling scholars from Norway...

How does the neighborhood affect your quality of life?

Ana Llopis Alvarez defended her thesis December 2nd. She has investigated how living conditions...

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ROADMAP – European observatory on disaster risk and crisis management best practices

The ROADMAP project has the overall objective to establish a European «doctrine on disaster risk and...

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Climate change adaptation strategies

The RISKSEC 2.0 project studies local climate change adaptation – from risk governance to...

UiS establishes an interdisciplinary research group within tunnel safety

Aiming to promote innovation and achieving increased tunnel safety, a research group has been...

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How is thinking related to behavior?

The Cognitive Lab provides the natural sciences with a meeting place for the health sciences...

Informasjonsplakat om smittevern under COVID-19-pandemien.

Improved risk communication during pandemics

The PAN-FIGHT project studies how to fight pandemics with enhanced risk communication. Messages...

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Risk management and societal safety

This research group delivers new knowledge about societal safety and the concept of risk itself.


Public Procurement of Critical Services (ProCrits)

The ProCrits project will reveal the effects of tendering on the resilience of critical services.

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Increasing resilience in Europe

Funded by the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme, BuildERS works on increasing...

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KATS will continue to work for tunnel safety improvements

In December 2020 the Research Council of Norway announced that KATS will receive funding for phase 2...