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Eirik Hjorth Kjelvik

Erik studies Master in English and Literacy studies

"I chose to study at UiS because I heard a lot of positives about the city Stavanger and also the...

Mona Rafiei

Mona studies Master of prehospital critical care

"UiS was the only University which offers Master of prehospital critical care. Also as a matter of...

Nora Elizabeth Anise

Nora studies Master of Science in Biological Chemistry

"I had my heart set on coming to Norway for my education.UiS offered the master’s subject that I was...

Matthias Anton Schedel

Matthias studies Master of Science in Data Science

"While looking for a place to do my masters at I was already sure that I wanted to go to Norway"...

Øystein Haave

Øystein studies Master in Service Leadership in International Business

"During my bachelor I realized that I wanted to learn even more about business and leadership which...

Bilder viser paramedisin-studenten Emilie Røkaas - som var på utveksling i Plymouth i England - i paramedisiner-uniform foran en ambulanse.

Paramedic student thrived on exchange in Plymouth

Emilie had a steep learning curve both academically and linguistically during her Erasmus+...

Fløytestudenter i Bolivia får undervisning

Cecilia inspires youth in Bolivia to make music

My summer job: The flute student works voluntary with arranging seminars in her home country during...

Chandan Podder

Chandan hopes to be a pioneering marketer and entrepreneur

That's why he chose to study Business Administration at the UiS Business School.

Syed Aqib Ali

– UiS ticked all the boxes for an appropriate international master's program

Syed Aqib Ali is taking the MSc in Business Administration at UiS Business School. He patted himself...

Serinha Murgorgo

Serinha thought her new master's degree at UiS sounded futuristic

Serinha Murgorgo was looking for an international degree in innovation and chose UiS Business School...