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Hender og Pc

Workshop: Moderate right-wing populism to right-wing extremism as a gendered phenomenon

The Research Group on Populism, Anti-gender and Democracy at the University of Stavanger and the Cen

Climate change: False Alarm? – Bjørn Lomborg in conversation with Bård Harstad

Thu. 28.10.2021


Arne Rettedals hus
AR Ø-120

Annual celebration with doctoral promotion ceremony

Fri. 29.10.2021



The Sunshine Revolution – a film screening and a live conversation between Morten Harket and Harald N. Røstvik

Tue. 16.11.2021


Venue TBA
Grieg research school

Grieg research school 2021

Tue. 30.11 08:00

Fri. 03.12 16:00

The faculty of performing arts