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PhD Education at the University of Stavanger

Master i økonomi og administrasjon ved UiS, siviløkonom

Master of Science in Business Administration

The MSc programme in Business Administration offers a broad and interesting platform of theory and t

Ph.d. i samfunnsvitenskap

PhD Programme in Social Sciences

The aim of the PhD programme in Social Sciences is to prepare PhD candidates for a career in researc

Work Package 3: Enabling the ecosystem

We aim to answer following RQ: How to enable the eco-system to ensure diffusion of responsible digit

Elin M. Oftedal

Work Package 2: Creating boundary innovation space (the SIF-Lab)

In this WP we aim to answer following RQ: How to create a boundary innovation space to activate user

Chynyan xie

Work Package 1: Understanding user’s side

We aim to answer following RQ: What are attitudes, concerns and expectations of users in relation to

Tatiana A. Iakovleva

The Releasing the Power of Users Research Team

A great research team from six different countries

FNs bærekraftsmål

Clean-up of plastic discharges in rivers

Julie Holter Heggdal og Sondre Løcka, graduate students at UiS Business School, have participated in

Fostering school readiness and human potential through playful learning in preschools – The Agder Project

UiS researchers have developed and tested a structured play-based curriculum for children at their l

Illustrasjon av storby med ikoner som viser ulike teknologier

Centre for Innovation Research

New ideas and concepts are the key to prosperity and to the wealth and wellbeing of nations, regions

Ola Kvaløy – Dean, Professor of Economics

Ola Kvaløy is dean and professor of economics at the University of Stavanger Business School.

Mari Rege

Professor of Economics, UiS Business School

The importance of thorough development processes

A new research projects aims to develop new measures for middle school students who struggle with re


The Research School in Economics and Business Administration

The Research School in Economics and Business Administration (ECOBA) educate researchers who study h

Styret ved Handelshøgskolen

The UiS Business School Faculty Board

The faculty board is the faculty's supreme organ and is responsible for establishing the facult

Fakultetsadministrasjonen HHUiS

Administrative Staff and Support

The UiS Business School administration is headed by the Faculty Director.

Avdeling for samfunnsøkonomi og finans

Department of Economics and Finance

The department houses both the academic environment within economics and finance.

Avdeling for regnskap og rettsvitenskap

Department of Accounting and Law

The department has a among the faculty an exiting combination of expertise in both the areas of acco

Innovasjon, ledelse og markedsføring

Department of Innovation, Management & Marketing

The department spans a wide range of disciplines and research areas and delivers teaching to the var

Handelshøgskolen ved UiS

UiS Business School

The UiS Business School has highly competent researchers and staff who offer some of the most sought

PhD course of study (PhD Programme in Social Sciences)

Are you a new PhD candidate? Here you will find an overview of the course of study.

Dr. philos (PhD Programme in Social Sciences)

Doctor philosophiae (dr.

Hongyan Shi Harvard Business Review

Op-Ed Article by Associate Professor Hongyan Shi published in Harvard Business Review

The prestigious Harvard Business Review has published the article "Don't Count on Free Tri

Students honored for best company report

The best report among this year's first semester bachelor students in Business and Administrati