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Everything you need to know about loans.

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Who can borrow?

Stavanger University Library is an academic library. Borrowing privileges are granted to any person over the age of 16.


A valid ID must be shown in order to get a library card. The card is personal and can’t be used by others. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the university library regulations before using the library card.

If you are a student at UiS, your student card will serve as your library card. The same goes for your Digital Student ID. Students can change their address in Studentweb, other patrons must contact the library.

Loan period

The loan period for books, theses, films, journals, etc is three weeks. The loan period for sheet music is six weeks. The loan period for curriculum books, calculators and chargers for phones is one day. The loan period for tablets is 8 hours.

All loans from the university library's own collection are automatically renewed, unless they are requested by other patrons or the maximum loan time of 4 months has been reached.

Interlibrary loans are not automatically renewed. These may be renewed from Oria

Overdue loans which can't be renewed must be returned as soon as possible. Overdue loans may cause overdue fines and compensation claims.

Ordering loans and copies

If the book is available on our shelves you have to collect it yourself. Books on loan can be requested. Books and articles not available at our own library can be requested from other libraries. This service is provided free of charge to students and staff at UiS and SUS. Students from other universities may request interlibrary loan of books. Articles must be requested from your own learning institution. 

Borrowers responsibility

You are personally responsible for all materials borrowed. Sublending is not allowed.

You are responsible to read e-mails from the library.

Loss of borrowing rights

Borrowing rights may be lost if you fail to uphold the library regulations.

You may request items that are on loan.

  • Go to
  • Students and employees at UiS sign in with Feide
  • Other patrons and employees at SUS sign in with username and password
  • Search for the document and click on the title. See the status under "Get It"
  • If the document is on loan, click on "Request" to be placed in queue

You will receive a message by SMS and/or e-mail when the item is ready for pickup. You have four days to collect the item after receiving the notice.

Students and other patrons cannot request items available on the shelves.

Books and articles not available at our own library can be requested from other libraries. This service is free of charge for students and staff at UiS and SUS. Students from other Norwegian and foreign universities may request interlibrary loans of books from Norwegian and Nordic libraries. Books from other countries, as well as articles, must be requested from their own learning institution. Other patrons may contact their local public library.

  • Go to and sign in
  • Search for the title in the tab "Norwegian Academic Libraries"
  • Click on "Resource Sharing Request" under "Get It"

If you are not able to find your required documents via Oria, click the tab "CAN'T FIND IT?" to fill out a blank request form. We will order the material for you.

Available documents usually arrive within one week.

Article copies usually arrive after one or two days. Due to copyright restrictions we can only provide printed copies of articles, not digital copies.

A message is sent to you by SMS and/or e-mail when the requested material arrives.

Students and employees at UiS can access the library’s online books, articles and databases. You get automatic access if you are logged on the campus network. If you are outside the network, you need sign in with remote access first.

Other patrons may use the library’s public computers to read our online content. It is also possible to borrow tablets with access at the Ullandhaug library.

You can return books in the library during our opening hours. Use the return-box by the entrance of KE-house to return books when the library is closed.

At Bjergsted library the return-box is by the entrance to the library.

Overdue fines

You will get a notification three days before your loans are due. Please note there are special rules for curriculum books (one-day loan). The following rates will apply if you do not return your items on time:

First overdue notification: Free
Second overdue notification: 25 NOK per item
Third overdue notification: 25 NOK per item

Curriculum books (one-day loan):
First overdue notification: 50 NOK per item
Second overdue notification: 50 NOK per item

One-day loan curriculum books must be returned before midnight the same day. No renewal is possible.

First overdue notification with a 50 NOK fine is sent the following day.
Second overdue notification with a 50 NOK fine is sent the day after.

If the books are not returned on the second day after loan, you will lose your borrowing rights until the books are returned and your account is settled.

Paying overdue fines

Overdue fines can be paid by card at the Ullandhaug help desk, or by Vipps.

You can download Vipps in the App Store and Google Play. Type in our number in Vipps, 116258, and choose "Pay overdue fines". Enter your due amount and pay. If you are paying for someone else you need to type their name in the comment section. Your overdue fine will be deleted within the next working day.

Compensation claims

If you have lost or damaged an item, you have to replace it. We will send you a compensation claim after the third overdue notification.

The following rates will apply for lost or damaged items:
  • Books: 700 NOK. You can also replace the book by buying a new copy. The replacement copy must be the newest edition.
  • Journals, theses, DVDs and CDs and chargers: 350 NOK.
  • Calculators: 700 NOK.
  • Hublet Samsung tablet: 4000 NOK. This price is defined by the original cost of the tablet. 

Compensation claims are sent by invoice. If you return the item after you have received an invoice, we will credit the claim. If you still have overdue fines, you have to pay these.

You will not get a refund if you find the book after you have replaced it or paid compensation. Exceptions may be made if the book is rare or of local historic value.

If you have 100 NOK or more in overdue fines or compensation claims, you lose your borrowing rights until you have settled your account.

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