Chamber music competition 2024

Welcome to the Faculty of Performing Arts annual chamber music competition. The competition takes place on Friday 22 March at 13:00 in the Eikenes hall and is open to the public.

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7 vinnere av kammermusikkonkurransen med diplom og rose
Last year's winners. From left to right: Sorip Kim, Andreas Wetås Jara, Anthony Viandier, Margaux Racloz, Tomas Björn, Øyvind Johansen, Lars Ivar Thorkildsen. Photo: Per-Erik Petersen

The stage is set for the Faculty of Performing Arts' annual chamber music competition where
students in classical music will compete for Skjeie's chamber music scholarship. The competition
takes place on 22 March at 13:00 - 17:00 in the Eikenes hall and is free and open to the public.

  • Prize money for the winner(s): NOK 25,000
  • Concert commissions may be offered to the winner

Registration for the faculty's chamber music competition 2024

Sign up.

We encourage all ensembles to sign up!

Registration deadline 15 March 2024.

The registration must contain name of contact person and names of participants in the ensemble, as well as uploaded sheet music/score for the entire repertoire.

Statutes for the chamber music competition

Read more about who can sign up, repertoire and announcement of results.

cellister julekonsert kammermusikk
Cellist Andreas Wetås Jara. (Photo: Tord Paulsen)

Faculty of Performing Arts (UK), University of Stavanger

§ 1: Foundation and justification

The chamber music competition is initiated by the Faculty of Performing Arts at UiS and is held annually in the spring semester. The competition is established to generally stimulate high-level chamber music activity and to encourage the formation of permanent/permanent ensembles.

§2: Operation

The competition is run by a committee and UK's administration.

§3: Prizes

The Faculty of Performing Arts awards a diploma and prize money to between one and three winning ensembles. The competition jury decides the distribution of prize money, which is awarded to ensembles and not individual musicians. It is expected that the winning ensemble(s) will participate in the Faculty's closing ceremony. There may also be concert assignments as part of the prize. The competition jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed.

§4: Eligible participant category

Chamber music means an ensemble with between 2 and 10 musicians. For duos, it is encouraged to choose repertoire where both musicians have an equal musical role, rather than a typical solo repertoire with a soloist voice and an accompanist.

During the competition, ensembles must present themselves without a conductor.

§5: The affiliation of the applicants

As a general rule, all members of the ensemble must be students at UK on at least half-time studies (30 credits). Nevertheless, it is open to a certain proportion of external members, a maximum of 25% of the ensemble's members. Applications for participation for external members must be submitted in connection with registration. It must then also be explained what musical role external members have in the ensemble.

§6: Form of competition

The competition is conducted in the form of an open concert where the programme is predetermined and announced on the basis of the entries.

§7: Repertoire and competition programme

The ensembles sign up with a repertoire of approx. 20 to 25 minutes duration within the announced deadline. Enrolment is encouraged with a repertoire that can also demonstrate a holistic approach in, for example, multi-movement or cyclical works.

Sheet music/score for the entire repertoire is sent as an attachment by e-mail to UK Musikk og The applicant does this in connection with registration.

§8: Composition of the jury and announcement of results 

The jury consists of a broadly composed committee of teachers and possibly the head of department for classical/external representative. The jury must reflect the diversity of the classical music department; both academically, gender-wise and age-wise. The jury must have a leader and decide the result through a simple majority decision. In the case of disagreement in the jury, the jury leader has a double vote.

The jury reaches its decision in a jury meeting immediately after the competition. As soon as the result is available, it is announced by the jury.

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