ConductIT is a flexible and online additional education for conductors. The programme are open to applicants worldwide and the educational language is English

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1 year/2 semesters

ECTS credits


Number of study places


Application opens from 1. November



Appliation deadline

1. March Local admission

Through the ConducIT study, you get access to large amounts of video material in the online lecture series. You can find a full overview on the study's own website
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About the Study

The programme will provide conductors with a platform for success in professional life, both in conducting technques and as a music director. This includes understanding the conductor's role in a professional ensemble. ConductIT can take place on your own premises, and of course in combination with work. It consists of one-hour videos and an online lecture series that you can execute at your own schedule. The programme also includes gatherings in Stavanger.

The target group is musicians at a high artistic performer level. The programme requires a bachelor's degree in music.
It is a prerequisite that you have access to conduct an ensemble.

ConductIT consists of three main elements:

For the academic year 2023/2024:

  • Conductor's Week: week 32: 7. - 11. August 2023
  • November gathering: week 46: 17. - 19. November 2023
  • January gathering: week 2: 5. - 7. January 2024
  • Exam weekend: week 24: 24. - 26. May 2024
    NB! Conditions are subject to alteration. Participation fees for the Conductor's Week are covered by UiS..

2. A digital, online lecture series the student can complete according to their own schedule.

  • The lecture series can be found here on

3. One to one guidance sessions by video

  • The student films himself in front of his/her own ensemble. The student submits the various videoes to UiS, after which the student schedule time for guidance sessions with the professor in conducting. In these sessions among other things, one reviews the relevant videos.

All study programmes affiliated with the Faculty of Performing Arts are under annual revisions. Revised study plans and course descriptions for the academic year 2023/2024 will be published here on 1 February 2023.

Course description for ConductIT

Here you will find the course description for ConducIT. Full description with exam plan will be available 1 February

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  • Weighting (credits): 30 
  • Term commencement of teaching: Autumn 
  • Number of semesters: 2 
  • Assessment semester: SPRING 
  • Language of instruction: English and Norwegian 
  • Offered by: Faculty of Performing Arts  

The course is for students who are at an advanced level in the field of music performance who seek a substantial course in conducting. The course of study involves several different topics, e.g. conducting practice conducting technique, rehearsal technique, preparations for performance and score study as well as entrepreneurship, and career development. 

The conducting practice will consist of organised sessions on-campus (Dirigentuka – five days in August, two – three weekend sessions on-campus) and home assignments where students are expected to facilitate access to their own ensembles (a minimum of 3-4 musicians are required, number of sessions to be set by agreement between teacher and student).

Learning outcome 

After completing and passing the examination for the course, candidates will have acquired the knowledge, skills and general proficiency that will enable them to: 

General proficiency  
  • display a good understanding of the conductor’s role and function in rehearsal and concert situations and as a director and organiser. 
  • display a good understanding of a professional artistic level in ensemble performance
  • set goals for their own learning and development as a conductor
  • set goals for ensemble development 
  • demonstrate good conducting skills 
  • demonstrate good skills in the study and understanding of scores 


The course of study can include work in the following subjects: 

  • Conducting/instruction 
  • Practice (weekend gatherings: I / own band: II) 
  • Knowledge of ensembles 
  • Knowledge of instruments 
  • Aural training 
  • Music theory/arranging/instrumentation 
  • Knowledge of history/knowledge of repertoire 
  • Administration/management

Prior knowledge required 

BA in music performance


Examination plan will be published 1st of February.

Performance examination in conducting. The examination must involve a programme lasting at least 10 minutes. The examination will take place on-campus. The general rehearsal is also part of the examination.  

Forms of work 

The course consists of the following forms of work

  • Participation at Dirigentuka and weekend sessions.
  • Individual on-line lessons based on video recordings of students own conducting practice (recordings of Dirigentuka, weekend sessions, students home assignments and/or other relevant practice).
  • Participation in discussions and written submissions within relevant topics from texts and videos published on

Course assessment 

Procedures for student assessment within the course have been drawn up by the faculty and adapted for this type of performance course. The course assessment is in accordance with the University of Stavanger’s quality system. 

Application and admission

How to apply for ConductIT

To apply for admission at the Faculty of Performing Arts, you must apply through local SøknadsWeb. Here you will find important application information.

The application process for ConductIT is administered by the central admissions office at UiS. For questions related to application and admission, please send and e-mail to

Please note! All information under ''How to apply - Step by step'' will be updated from 1. November. Information published before 1. November is from the previous application period.

When can I apply?

Søknadsweb is open from 1 November - 1 March.

The secondary admission is open from 15 April to 15 May - only if there are vacancies after the primary admission.

  • Apply through Søknadsweb and submit the additional application form within 1. March
  • After completing your registration in SøknadsWeb you will receive a receipt to your e-mail where you can find a link to the additional application form. Fill out and complete the additional application form within the deadline
  • Remember to include motivation letter and a musical CV in the application form. The CV must contain an overview of what you have done up to now, as a performing musician and conductor
  • In order for your application to be considered for admission, it is required that all the necessary application documents (diploma, transcript of grades, proof of english proficiency, etc.) are uploaded in SøknadsWeb, and that the additional application form is completed within the application deadline
  • Applicants to ConductIT must submit a 10-minute video recording of themselves while conducting an ensemble/group of musicians
  • The video link(s) must be shared in the additional application form within the deadline
  • Start planning video recording early. Read more under ''Guidelines audition video for ConductIT''
  • You will receive the result of your application during April.
  • If you are offered letter of admission or a place on our waiting list, please remember to reply in SøknadsWeb within the given deadline

Who can apply for ConductIT?

Both international applicants and applicants with a Norwegian social security number can apply for admission by 1 March through Søknadsweb, as long as the admission requirements are met. 

International applicants (without a Norwegian social security number and resident outside the Nordic region) must document proof of English proficiency in accordance with UiS's regulations for international admission, in addition to formal admission requirements. Read more about our studies offered to international applicants.


  • It is a prerequisite that applicants have access to an ensemble to conduct during the entire study.

Application documents - What to upload in SøknadsWeb?

  • Final transcript of record and final diploma of grades with completed and obtained bachelor's degree in music, sound engineering, multimedia or equivalent field of study.
  • Copy of passport - The passport must be valid at the time of application
  • References/recommendations (not mandatory)
  • Proof of English language proficiency
    *If you plan on taking the language test after the application deadline, please upload a copy of your test registration receipt with ETS TOEFL/IELTS Academic/PTE Academic/Cambridge English Qualifications as a PDF to Søknadsweb within the application deadline

If the bachelor's degree programme is completed in the spring the same year as you apply, confirmation from the educational institution and a preliminary transcript of grades must be uploaded in Søknadsweb.

File format

All documentation uploaded in SøknadsWeb must be PDF-files. All attachments you upload should be a picture of your original documents (do not scan copies).  We do not accept documents by e-mail. Your documents must be up to date. A check of the original diploma may be initiated at the beginning of the term.

The additional application form - What to submit?

  • Personalia - name, address, phone etc.
  • CV - information about your musical and educational career
  • Motivation letter
  • Audition video - link to video audition

Video evalutation

Applicants to ConductIT are required to provide a 10-minute video recording of themselves conducting an ensemble/group of musicians. Please share this video in the additional application form.

Gatherings for the study 2024/2025

Information regarding gatherings for the academic year 2024/2025 will be shared within 1. November.

NB! Conditions are subject to alteration. Participation fees for the Conductor's Week are covered by UiS.

Achieved bachelor degree

In order to be admitted to ConductIT (30 ECTS), a completed Bachelor Degree in Music Performance (minimum 180 ECTS) is required. In addition, you must be found eligible after the evaluation of the submitted video audition.

Language requirement

As a general requirement for admission to ConductIT, all applicants must document proficiency in English on advanced level through an international test, recognized by the University of Stavanger. UiS does not offer any preparatory courses in English. Please see English language requirements for detailed information regarding required score.

Exceptions for language requirements are made on the basis of the dean's decision.

Video evaluation

Applicants to ConductIT are not required to render a ordinary audition of conducting, but are instead asked to provide a 10-minute video recording of themselves conducting an ensemble/group of musicians.

Video requirements

In connection with your application to ConductIT, you will be asked to submitt a 10-minute video recording of you conducting an ensemble/group of musicians.

  • Information about how to submitt a video link can be found in the additional application form.
  • The video link(s) must be submitted in the additional application form within the deadline 1 March
  • We do not accept audio files.
  • We only accept Youtube-links.
  • The audition video must be up to date and no older than 1 November, 2023.


Start recording exercises and/or concerts well in advance of the application deadline. Choose one or two excerpts where you think you had a good flow in the instruction or a nice 'run through' that you can submit. We are not so concerned with how it sounds, but it is more about how you affect the singers/musicians and the music through both instruction and technique. Recordings from rehearsals will do just fine, it doesn't necessarily have to be from a concert.


Remember to film so that we see your face, i.e. set up the camera behind the ensemble, or from the side. Be sure to check that the audio is ok and that you have uploaded the file to YouTube with the settings that give us permission to play it..

Admission letter, Rejection letter or Waiting list letter will be published in SøknadsWeb under ''My applications''. You will receive an e-mail when the results are ready.

If you fail to submit a successful application to the faculty within the deadline, your application will be withdrawn from the system.

If you have any questions about your offer, refusal or waiting list place, you can send us an e-mail to

Remember to reply

If you are offered letter of admission or waiting list letter you must remember to reply ''Yes'' or ''No'' in SøknadsWeb within the mentioned deadline. Information regarding deadline is shared in the admission letter/waiting list letter.

Students from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who start their studies in autumn 2023 are required to pay tuition fees at the University of Stavanger. The tuition fees are subject to change and expected to increase for the academic year starting in 2024. The prices for students starting in August 2024 will be published later during 2023. For more information regarding the tuition fee, please see here.

Rules and requirements for at the Faculty of performing arts

Adopted by the Study Programme Committee/Faculty of Performing Arts … October 2021.

The admissions regulations for the Faculty of Performing Arts are based on the FOR-2007-01-31-173: Regulations relating to admission to higher education, and the current supplementary rules established by the UiS Regulations last updated February 2018.

This regulation applies for admission to the study programme:

- ConductIT  -  Extension study (30ECTS)

1. Basis for admission 

1.1 Applicants for ConductIT, must document completed lower degree studies in music, preferably a 3- or 4-year Bachelor's degree.

1.2 Applicants must document a 10 minute video recording conducting an ensemble (consisting of  minimum 5 people). The video recording is shared with the faculty together with a motivation letter and a CV describing the applicant's experience as a performing musician and conductor.

1.3 It is a prerequisite that you have access to conduct an ensemble during the entire study.

1.4. All tuition will be in English, and thus a requirement for good English skills., cf. UiS language requirements. Exceptions for language requirements are made by decision of the dean.

2. Admission

2.1 The course coordinator submits a proposal for admission to the head of department, which then recommends admission for the dean based on an overall assessment of the number of study places and budgetary consequences. The dean makes the final decision regarding admissions.

2.2 Supplementary admission can be made by the head of department, with a final decision by the dean.

2.3 The study administration communicate the dean's decision to the applicants. Applicants who receive an offer of admission/or a waiting list must register an answer in SøknadsWeb within the specified deadline.

2.4 Case processing of applicants is confidential and exempt from public disclosure.

3. Appointment of Committees

3.1 The academic administrator is the committee for ConductIT

3.2 The committee is responsible for:

1) assessment of qualifications and skills

2) ranking of applicants according to the achieved score and the frame set by the head of department/dean (cf. section 4) The Committee assesses the applicants to be qualified or ineligible. The committee then ranks qualified applicants

3.3 The results are collected by study administration and presented to the leaders of the departments, with a final decision by the dean.

3.4 Formal errors in the completion of the auditions can be appealed (cf. section 10).

4. Offer of Admission

4.1 Applicants are informed by e-mail and in SøknadsWeb about offers, waiting lists or rejections.

4.2 If an applicant does not confirm the offer of admission, it will be offered to another approved applicant or secondary applicant.

4.3 The right to commence study programmes are subjet to alteration.

5. Access to complaints

5.1 Complaints about formal errors in admission are first dealt with by the faculty. If the faculty's original decision is upheld, and the applicant chooses to uphold the appeal, the appeal will be forwarded to the university's appeals board. Pursuant to Sections 28 and 29 of the Public Administration Act, decisions may be appealed in writing within 3 weeks after the letter is received. The complaint is sent to the University of Stavanger.

Where there are linguistic differences the Norwegian version is the official version.

The Faculty of Performing Arts has different language requirements for its studies. The language requirements are based on the university's regulations, and must be passed no later than 1 July of the year for which admission is applied for.

For detailed information regarding how to meet and document English proficiency for the ConductIT programme, please see here.

The faculty has adopted exceptions for language requirements for certain studies, see § 3.6 of the admissions regulations for studies in music performance. This means that applicants for the ConductIT programme, who do not pass the language test, can apply to have an interview on the basis of the submitted test results. Applications are sent by e-mail to and the test results must be attached to the application. The application deadline for exceptions to the language requirement is 20 July.

On the basis of the dean's decision, applicants who pass the interview can be found eligible for admission.

Rules and regulations for interview:

  • Admission officer organizes the interview (time, place etc.) together with the applicant and interview commission
  • The interview commission consists of the head of the department, study coordinator and/or one person from the study administration
  • Minimum score requirements 5,0 IELTS and 60 TOEFL. If the applicants test results are lower than this, then the applicant is not qualified for an interview
  • As a rule, the applicant will be informed about the interview (time, place, general info about the interview etc.) no later than one week before the actual time of the interview
  • Interview duration: minimum 15 minutes
  • The applicant and the interview commission must have their webcam turned on
  • The applicant must be clearly visible, and the sound must be good
  • If the internet connection is unstable the interview must be rescheduled

What can you expect to be asked during the interview?

  • Who are you - tell us about your hobbies, where are you from etc.
  • Talk about yout favorite topic. Minimum 2 minutes without any interruptions.
  • Do you have a person you look up to (within the field of music/dance/music production) and why
  • Prepare 3 questions regarding Stavanger, the faculty and/or the studies

There may come additional questions during the interview.

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Kan jeg kombinere dette studiet med et annet heltidsstudium ved en annen institusjon?

Ja, det kan du, så lenge du leverer nødvendige arbeidskrav. Du finner informasjon om arbeidskrav under emnebeskrivelsen.


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