Writing your Ph.D.

The library has collected services and resources you will need at the beginning of your project. You will also find advice and guidance regarding the publishing process.

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Gangvei mot biblioteket med grønn plen og bå himmel

Search for litterature

Oria and our databases will be useful during your Ph.D. studies. The contact librarian for your faculty or department can guide you on how to search for relevant literature. You can also send us an email at ub@uis.no, and we will forward your request to the right person.

Data management

Do you have a plan for gathering data for your thesis? A data management plan can help you plan how to handle your research data from start to end. It is expected that all research projects receiving public financial support, for example from The Research Council of Norway, have a data management plan. The Library can give you advice on how to create such a plan, and how to archive your data.

Academic writing

Our mentors at the Study lab can give you individual guidance in academic writing. They also offer writing groups. Contact them at studieverksted@uis.no for more information and booking.

Tools and library classes

The library offers classes that helps you with academic writing and reference management. Read more about each tool, or see our calendar for the next available class.

  • Zotero and EndNote are reference mangament tools. These tools can help you manage your sources, insert citations and create a bibliography in your document. We highly recommend using a reference management tool while writing assignments, articles and your thesis.
  • LaTeX is a text-editing program that can be used instead of Word. It is convenient to use if your document includes mathematical equations, cross references and references.
  • Nvivo helps you visualize large amounts of qualitative data.
  • Rayyan is a tool for screening references for systematic reviews or other large literature reviews.

The Library recommends

Citations and sources

The library has collected information about citations and source evaluation. Among other things you will find help for different citation styles.

PhD on Track

PhD on Track is a useful online resource, where you will find information about litterature search, academic writing and publishing.

Courses and seminars

The Research Department at UiS offers classes, workshops and seminars for Ph.D. candidates.


Open Access

Get help publishing in approved OA journals


Register your scientific publications


Create a unique ID for your research activity

Research data & data managment

How to make and store research data, and create data management plans.

Contact librarians

Ine Idsøe Fjelldal

UiS Business School The Norwegian School of Hotel Management Department of Safety, Economics and Planning (Economics) ine.i.fjelldal@uis.no

Evy Ølberg

Department of Early Childhood Education Department of Education and Sports Science Norwegian Reading Centre NSLA evy.olberg@uis.no

Grete Mortsensen

Faculty of Health Science grete.mortensen@uis.no

Stefan Leira Grønsberg

Department of Media and Social Sciences (Media) stefan.l.gronsberg@uis.no

Håkon Magne Bjerkan

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science Department of Safety, Economics and Planning (Planning) hakon.m.bjerkan@uis.no

Inger Gåsemyr

Department of Energy Resources Institutt for energi- Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering Department of Safety, Economics and Planning (Safety) inger.gasemyr@uis.no

Kari Østerli Frafjord

Department of Mathematics and Physics Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering kari.frafjord@uis.no

Svanlaug Takle

Archeological museum svanlaug.takle@uis.no

Terje Blåsteres

Department of Cultural Studies and Languages Department of Media and Social Sciences (Social Sciences) terje.blasternes@uis.no

Dag Rune Henriksen Nordhus

Department of Social Studies

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University Library lending regulations

Everything you need to know about loans.

Library remote access

Get access to e-books, e-articles and databases that the Stavanger University Library provides anywhere, anytime!

Opening hours for the library

Opening hours for all our library branches: Ullandhaug Library, Bjergsted Library, the library at the Museum of Archaeol...

Classes from the library

The library offers classes that helps you with academic writing and reference management. We offer open classes for stud...

The Study Lab at Stavanger University Library

Need help with academic writing? Book guidance with student mentors from the Study Lab.

About Rayyan

Rayyan is a free, web-based tool that lets you screen your references for systematic reviews or other large literature r...

The 3D-lab at Stavanger University Library

Would you like to learn more about 3D-printing? Get an introduction and access to the 3D-lab at the University Library!

Citations and source evaluation

How and why do I cite? Which citation style should i choose? What should my citation look like, and is my bibliography c...


Cristin displays your research and helps make it available and accessible. The library can answer your questions about C...

About LaTeX

LaTeX is an advanced document preparation system designed for large and complex documents. LaTeX is a great tool if you ...

About NVivo

Overwhelmed by large amounts of non-numerical data? NVivo is a great tool if you need to sort through qualitative data s...

About Tableau

Tableau allows you to quickly make large and unmanageable data into easy-to-read overviews. You can convert data into ch...

About Zotero

Zotero is a free and user-friendly program that creates references and bibliographies for you. Zotero collects and keeps...

Bibliometrics from the library

The library can help you with bibliometric analysis. Bibliometrics are ideal for analysing and evaluating scientific pro...

Employees at Stavanger University Library

An overview of the managers at Stavanger University Library and the staff at the library departments.

ORCID – get a unique resarcher-ID

Have you as a researcher been asked to enter ORCID? This page helps you find out what it is and why you should use it.

Search for scientific literature

The library can help you get scientific literature. We provide access to books as well as many electronic resources.

Open Access publishing

The library can help you with Open Access publishing. Publishing Open Access means that your research is open and availa...

Research data and Data Management Plans

Stavanger University Library offers guidance on how to make and store publicly available research data, and how to creat...

Discount from Norsk Standard

The University Library have an agreement with Norsk Standard which gives students and staff at UiS a 70% discount when b...

Learning Support Center

The Learning Support Center offers individual guidance to students at UiS who have dyslexia and/or ADHD.

Internal series from UiS

UiS publishes two internal series: Reports from the University of Stavanger and Notes from the University of Stavang...

Events at the University Library

The Library hosts both academic and social events that are free and open to all, both in Norwegian and English. Contact ...

Bolk and copying curriculum

Curriculum and other necessary learning material in the form of book excerpts has to be registered for clearance in Bolk...

The Data Lab

The Data Lab offers classes in software to help you with reference management, and with analysis and visualizing of data...

About EndNote

It can be challenging to keep track of the literature you use of in your studies and research. It is not always easy to ...

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