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Ola Kvaløy – Dean, Professor of Economics

Ola Kvaløy is dean and professor of economics at the University of Stavanger Business School. He received his PhD from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in 2003, and is currently affiliated with NHH as adjunct professor.

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Ola Kvaløy, dean and professor of economics at UiS Business School


Kvaløy specializes in the field of organizational economics and behavioral economics. He has worked extensively on incentive theory and contract theory, in particular trust-based relational contracts. He has also done experimental work on incentives, motivation and risk-taking behavior.

Kvaløy has been principal investigator in several large research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and has published his research in leading international journals such as American Economic Review, Journal of Labor Economics, Management Science and Review of Finance. He is also an op-ed columnist in the Norwegian business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv.


(+47) 51 83 15 82


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Working papers

Motivation and incentives in an online labor market (with Sebastian Fest, Petra Nieken and Anja Schöttner)

Non-Competitive Wage-Setting as a Cause of Unfriendly and Inefficient Leadership (with Robert (A.J.) Dur and Anja Schöttner)

Effort Provision in a Game of Luck (with Mads N. Arnestad, Kristoffer W. Eriksen and Bjørnar Laurila)

Fair Advice (with Oege Djik, Kristoffer W. Eriksen and Sebastian Fest)

Conspiracy against the public – An experiment on collusion (with Åshild A. Johnsen)

Relative performance feedback to teams. (with William Gilje Gjedrem)

Crime and punishment: When tougher antitrust enforcement leads to higher overcharge (with Sissel Jensen, Trond Olsen and Lars Sørgard)

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