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Welcome to the library!

We hope that you will use the library and the services that we offer.

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As a new student there are many new things to learn. To make your student life easier we recommend dropping by the library. Here are some of the things you need to know to get started with the library and our services.

Gutt leser avis i biblioteket

How to borrow books: 

Before you can borrow books from the library you need to pay your semester fee. Then you can download the app Studentbevis and use it as your library card, or you can use your student card to borrow books. 

Employees, students at other universities or study places, or other people who want access to the library must drop by our help desk to register as a library patron. 

Searching for books and more: 

Use Oria to find the location of the books in the library, as well as access to our online databases, journals and articles. 

If the materials you want to borrow is on loan, you can easily request it in Oria. When your requested material becomes available you will be notified, and you can pick it up in the library. 

Materials that are available in the library you can find locate yourself and borrow on one of our self-check-out machines. If you need any help, drop by our help desk.

Required reading: 

You can borrow books that are required reading in the library.  You can find an overview of your required reading in Canvas, or you can search for it via the reading list system Leganto

Study space: 

There are a number of study spaces in the library. Due to corona some of the study spaces are blocked off, but UiS students can book study spaces in TimeEdit. UiS employees and others may use designated areas in the library and the the Data Lab, where booking is not required.

Printing and copying: 

There are many available printers at UiS, which can be used by students and staff at UiS. In the library we have several printers. Check out this overview on how to get started with printing and copying

Please contact us! 

We offer a number of classes that will help you with your studies, both in English and Norwegian, and we are available for help and guidance. Please contact us at our help desk in the library or send us an email or call us at +47 51 83 11 00. 

Check out for more information about the library and our services. 

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Want to visit the library?

The library is open, but all visitors must keep a distance of 1 meter or use a facemask.

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